Our Services

Here at Inversion Studio we write and produce music, whether it be for radio shows, jingle music, background music for films, songwriting, or original music for any other purpose.  With a full-fledged MIDI recording studio onsite that houses scores of MIDI keyboards and synth modules, drum modules, hardware & software MIDI sequencers, and a computer system, there's nothing musically that we cannot do.  We can take your original concept and produce a high quality music production, or we can create it from scratch.

Audio Production/Mastering
We use a hand-picked mixing console that produces a clean and punchy audio sound, and have an array of digital & analog effects and signal processing equipment to enhance our productions.  For non-linear editing, multitrack recording and CD mastering, we have an on-site 48-track digital audio workstation which is housed by a Power Macintosh computer with the MOTU 2408mkII 24-bit digital audio workstation, Audiodesk, and Digital Performer.
Radio Services
We do custom theme music, voiceovers, audio interviews, and sound effects for your radio productions, or take the existing material you want to use and then assemble your commercial or show together.
Other Services
Inversion Studio has many different onsite formats, which include DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, DAT, MD, DCC, VHS-HiFi, and Analog Cassette.  We can do small copy jobs, and/or audio format conversion jobs at a nominal cost.  We can also take the MIDI sequence you've done, and reproduce it through our system.  If you have something else that needs to be done, don't hesitate to ask us - we'll do everything we can to help you!!